Farbridge - An Exclusive Venue for Conference & Weddings

An extensive technical installation by Sound Impression… Set in the lea of the South Downs you will find Farbridge… an exclusive venue for conferences and weddings.  An amazing venue, meticulously renovated with luxury accommodation available for guests.  A fully integrated installation to include site-wide sound to all buildings out-buildings and outside areas from various sound sources.  Inside is an intelligent system to include hidden cabling to facilitate full sound control in each public area.  The option for the hirer to bring a CD, ipod, laptop and route sound to various areas with ease is all included.  In the venues (dance/conference/banqueting/civil ceremony areas) full digital control is employed to control discrete loudspeaker systems and sounders and put simply at the control of the user.  This technology  enhances and tailors audio intelligibility from wireless/wired microphone sources and live music sources alike.  Guests can enjoy a  fully equipped dance floor area with powerful (secure) sound and moving light.  High spec data projection is in place for conference and picture viewing alike with the images shown on retractable electric screens.  A site-wide structured ethernet (internet) system – both cabled and wireless to every room and building.  A site-wide IP-Based CCTV system provides digital images to comply with licencing guidelines.  Uplighters which can change set colour to enhance the theme/mood.  TV aerial distribution to every room/building and (secured) flat screen TV in accommodation and small meeting areas. Altogether, an amazing place with literally miles of underground hidden audio and data cabling… beautiful! Contact Farbridge at http://www.farbridge.org.uk/ Click the pics opposite for full size image :-)